Depending on the project or application, The Juran Company can provide management, feasibility research, modeling, hardware design and software development services.  Many engineering disciplines are interrelated, so the experience of The Juran Company principals may be exactly what you require to complete your project on time and on budget.


Consulting services include management, feasibility research, modeling, systems design, including the disciplines listed below.


The Juran Company principals routinely adapt and program in new programming languages as required.  Lately, our direct experience is with PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, AmpUp, Visual Basic, Excel, Access, Delphi, APL, C and various assembly languages.  AmpUp is a web-based rapid enterprise development system we helped to develop.  Some of our recent programming projects have included:

  • relational and SQL database applications
  • factory scheduling and automation
  • graphics and color gamut analysis
  • various business process applications


The Juran Company principals have a wide range of electronic design experience.  From small to large systems, analog and digital circuits, integration of hardware with software, The Juran Company can be your "one stop shop."  Some of our recent engineering projects are:

  • 3D Systems' SLA-1 Rapid Prototyping System
  • DFR's Desktop Telecine System (film to digital media converter)
  • Pressure Sensor and Analysis System


Because of the nature of its creative work, The Juran Company is asked often to follow up its technical work with intellectual property support.  From these side projects, The Juran Company has learned that it can provide superior writing and review for developing patents that save its clients time and money.  Also, The Juran Company can analyze existing systems and provide intellectual property support.

Please contact us to learn more about these types of services.